Video Feature: 100A Stand-Up and Tabletop Panel

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If lighting, grinders, welders or even laptops are common sights at your work site, then there’s a good chance your temporary power set-up will include a 100A stand-up or tabletop panel.

Weighing in at 170 lbs, these panels have a variety of receptacle configurations to help meet project demands, including two 50A 125/250V single phase receptacles, two 20A 250V single phase receptacles and 12 15A 120V GFCI receptacles. And the best part? The receptacles can be customized to whatever your project demands.

This versatility, combined with the panel’s NEMA 3 rated weather-proof encasement and easy maneuverability, make the 100A panel especially popular among our general and electrical contractors for construction sites, major events, oil & gas operations and more.

Think the 100A panel might be right for your job? These videos cover detailed equipment specifications and applications, as well as safety features and quick tips for ease of use.




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