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Electrical contractors are an invaluable resource in the industrial, heavy commercial and residential sectors: without them, residents would be without lighting or heat, construction plans would grind to a halt, and businesses would flounder. The [...]

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#temporary power equipment #natural disasters

On the Wildfire Front Lines: An Inside Look At Fire Camps

In 2018, wildfires swept across California, burning nearly 2 million acres and prompting the declaration of a national disaster. The cost was astronomical: over 100 people lost their lives and the state sustained an estimated [...]

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At the beginning of 2019, a mass of extremely cold air escaped the Arctic Circle and traveled south, plunging vast swaths of central and eastern North America into some of the lowest temperatures in living [...]

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Music festival performances can generally be summed up in three words: lights, sound and crowds. Without those things, the festival wouldn’t exist. With all three of these elements relying on power, the team responsible for [...]

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Fires, floods and tornadoes -disaster can strike at any time. And while an emergency preparedness plan can go a long way towards mitigating the impact, sometimes even the best laid plans can’t prevent damage to [...]

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With heat waves setting records in North America and around the world, including a sweltering 37 degrees in Montreal during the Canada Day long weekend, this summer has been a particularly hot one. For John [...]

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Video Feature: Cable Inventory

Cable is the unsung hero of temporary power. Generators, distribution panels and other equipment would be…powerless without it. From 15 Amp extension cords to pre-terminated 28KV cable, Trinity Power has the right solution for any [...]

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#low voltage panels #equipment video

Video Feature: 100A Stand-Up and Tabletop Panel

If lighting, grinders, welders or even laptops are common sights at your work site, then there’s a good chance your temporary power set-up will include a 100A stand-up or tabletop panel. Weighing in at 170 [...]

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