Substation Rentals

Substation Rentals
  • Equipment specification range may include:
  • kVA range: 500kVA to 3000kVA
  • Primary voltages: 12.5kV to 25kV 3Ø
  • Secondary voltages: 120/208V 3Ø, 277/480V 3Ø and 347/600V 3Ø
  • Pimary Protection: Load break switch with fuses or HV circuit breaker
  • Secondary protection: Adjustable low voltage main breaker and/or multiple 400A switches

Trinity Power distribution/transformation substations come packaged in a customized ISO container, which includes man doors, auto cooling ventilation, and high and low voltage cable ports. These substations come equipped with systems for primary protection and isolation as well as secondary distribution for division of loads. If secondary distribution is not required, it can be bypassed for convenience.

Trinity Power substations are stand-alone, outdoor-rated transformer units suited for many applications such as: stepping up from portable generation or replacing existing transformation substations.  This equipment offers a cost effective solution when combined with separate protection and/or power distribution.

Wherever high voltage is required, safety is of paramount concern. To meet Trinity Power’s strict safety standards, all units come equipped with lockable access doors, clearly visible signage, and segregation of high and low voltage compartments. And our substation rentals have been certified by Canadian Electrical Code approved inspection authorities.

If you don’t find the high voltage transformation unit you’re looking for here or in our catalogue, please contact us.  One of our Power Specialists will work with you to find the right power solution for your needs.

Substation Specification and Application Videos

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