Association Memberships And Certifications

Trinity Power Association Memberships And Certifications Earned



The BCCSA is a not-for-profit organization that serves the construction sector.  Its motto is, “Funded by industry and working for industry!”

The BCCSA seeks to enhance safety for over 180,000 employees in B.C. by providing cost-free safety training, the leading safety programs, consultation services as well as resources to more than 40,000 employers.


The ECAA offers its members various services; these include representing them in industry and government boards, special seminars for specific applications and management skills, labor negotiations, industry conventions and meetings. It also assists members in dealing with issues related to general contractors, inspection authorities, etc.

In the electrical industry, the ECAA represents the centre for information. Any legislative occurrences are extremely crucial to the Membership of the Association. It has also taken a representative role for contractors at all Government levels.


In 1952, electrical contractors came to a consensus to form a bigger central body, the Electrical Contractors Association of BC (ECABC), through which they could voice their concerns. Since then, the ECABC has been the sole Association in British Columbia that is devoted to addressing the electrical contractors’ interests as well as those of their suppliers.


The Independent Contractors and Businesses Association (ICBA) is the eldest statesman of the open shop community in Canada. In Trail, a small town located on the southeastern side of BC, ICBA was founded in the year 1975. Those days, several open shop contractors that had no association with the building trade unions were not allowed by the NDP government then to bid on public work. Consequently, the grassroots provincial movement was started as the contractors came together in an association to solicit for their place with the incumbent provincial government.


ISN® was founded in 2001. It is a leading entity in management of suppliers and contractors worldwide. ISN® has operations in more than 75 countries, endorsing over 370 Hiring Clients in industries that are capital-intensive to facilitate management of over 55,000 suppliers and contractors. With headquarters in Dallas, Texas, ISN has other offices in New York, Los Angeles, London, Calgary, and Sydney. ISN assumes a leading role in posing as a forum for members to share information on industry best practices as well as in enhancing the efficiency and efficacy of systems for contractor management.


The Resource Industry Suppliers Association is an autonomous, not-for-profit industry organization founded in Canada. It is a representative of companies whose goods and services are essential to certain industries, such as, Bio-Products, Energy, Forestry and Mining Industries. In a bid to create leading business opportunities for its members, RISA obtains sufficient information on markets and projects, as well as access, for suppliers to main industry projects all over Canada.


Based in Canada, PICS provides contractor management services. It is a recognized and the fastest-growing contractor management and prequalification company worldwide. Improvement of contractor sustainability and safety is PICS main goal.

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